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Who are we?

Full attention is a rare commodity, so balanced media plans need to contain contain a blend of passively and actively consumed channels.

Traditional media agency targeting models are out touch and tend to neglect the messy realities of everyday life. Real people are irrational, unpredictable and emotional. So at IMA-HOME, we go beyond demographic targeting, feeding in layers of contextual and environmental cues to ensure we reach the right people in the right moment, with a message for that moment.

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How do we deliver?

A trading approach that delivers real value

100% unbiased. We prioritise media that our target audience really consumes rather than where agency deals dictate. We focus on value before cheapness. Outcomes over inputs. We create made-to-measure flexible media plans, not off the shelf solutions. Balancing the pillars of price, quality & flexibility with every media buy. If one pillar falls, this is all compromised. Bringing a performance mindset to brand planning and an audience first approach to direct response.




Big agency media expertise powered by small agency service and best in class partners such as Talon for OOH. Global footprint with experience growing brands in the USA. We’re customer focussed but results driven. If you are looking for someone local, IMA-HOME is the North’s No.1 agency according to Campaign, why go elsewhere?

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