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The inaugural IMA-HOME Agency Academy

Five days. Two teams. One brief.


Georgia Preston



At IMA-HOME, we believe in creating careers, not jobs, which is why we have the IMA-HOME Academy.

This is an internal initiative led by our People Team. It exists to encourage and facilitate the learning and development of everyone at IMA-HOME.

As part of the IMA-HOME Academy, this year we launched our very first Agency Academy.

What is the Agency Academy?

The Agency Academy is a week-long programme all about developing the people in our agency in the early stages of their careers.

Whilst talks, online courses and webinars can be great, we think the best way to learn is to do something for real. So, each person who took part was given the full week off from their day-to-day role and responsibilities. Instead, they were brought together in integrated teams, where they were tasked to respond to a real client brief. Think The Apprentice, without the firings.

What did the week look like?

Monday set the stage for the week. The teams were announced, the brief was delivered, and breakfast was served, naturally. Then followed a day of intimate sessions with specialists from across the agency, giving the teams tips and tricks on how best to approach the brief and work collaboratively.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were go time. The teams worked separately on their responses to the brief and built their pitches from scratch. Mentor drop-in sessions were available too, allowing the teams some extra one on one time with the specialists, to bounce ideas and seek guidance.

Friday was pitch day. Each team presented to our panel of agency specialists, before receiving feedback and finding out which team won.

What was the outcome of the week?

Two amazing pitches that genuinely blew the judges away, so much so that both teams’ ideas were sent onto the client for real.

But more than this, the teams got to interact with areas of the business they may not get the chance to day-to-day. They gained a better understanding and appreciation of what all the teams here at IMA-HOME do, and learnt how to collaborate and complement each other’s specialisms in a way that strengthens the end result.

"The future of the agency is in safe hands."

Andy Quin

Strategy Director, IMA-HOME

The enthusiasm, creativity and commitment that was displayed was through the roof. Massive congratulations to Egle Dooley, Rachel Carter, Lauren Epps, Louis Jerome, Ella Bradley, Olivia McKay, Molly Holmes, Issy Howard, Luke Longfield, Sophie Wright, Jenny Rose, Tay Parish and Gabrielle Jowett for completing the week and setting the bar oh so high. We can’t wait to enroll our next Agency Academy class in summer.

Jenny Rose - Senior Integrated Planner: It's been a whirlwind week, but I've learnt loads and it's been so great to work with different people from across the agency and get to know each other's skillsets.

Tay Parish - Assistant Producer: It's been information overload this week, but we've managed to optimise everything we've gathered to work in the best way for us.

Lauren Epps - Art Director: We’ve all worked well as a team, and really leaned on each other's strengths in our everyday roles. I have learnt so much when it comes to the world of Strategy and Planning! As a Creative I’m often quite sheltered from the work that goes into preparing a brief for me, so it’s been really interesting to see this and the detail we can go into with the right tools.

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