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A social campaign made of different stuff

Helping Rubicon boost brand awareness with their first ever influencer campaign.





Real truth


/ 03

Soft drinks brand Rubicon is made of different stuff.

Packed with fruits you wouldn’t find in your average fruit bowl. They wanted to reach a Gen Z audience that prefers to do things differently too. One with a thirst for adventure. So a typical social campaign wasn’t going to cut it.

Real connection


/ 03

Rubicon had never worked with influencers before. But they had real clout with Rubicon’s audience.

An untapped way to build awareness. So we teamed up with popular Instagrammers, from roller skaters to explorers, and challenged them to try something new. Showing what it means to be made of different stuff. Competitions gave our audience a chance to experience something different too. Giving away everything from cooking kits to jam roller skate sessions. All while driving new followers to Rubicon’s Instagram.

Real results


/ 03

2,875,050 impressions

50,764 engagements

7.28% impression rate

1,125 new followers


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