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A world frozen full of joy

Helping KIND take on America’s freezer aisle with a mind-blowingly tasty campaign.





Real truth


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KIND wanted to take on America’s freezer aisle.

A whole new category for the brand. With a brand-new product, KIND Frozen Treat Bars. A prospect that had us licking our lips.

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We wanted to reflect the product’s feel-good factor.

So we set out to create a whole new world. Where bright, bold colours meet over-the-top emotions. A world frozen full of joy. Where we lead people into temptation they don’t have to resist. KIND Frozen Treat Bars taste good and are good for you. They’re so creamy and delicious, you’d never know their no.1 ingredient is nutrient-dense nuts. This contradiction sets up a delightful reaction… Brain freeze? More like mind blown. Spreading joy across social and shopper channels.

Real connection


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Real results


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Even though we launched in the middle of the pandemic, we helped to make the world a little kinder.

One frozen treat at a time.

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