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A thoroughbred digital strategy for Royal Canin


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Royal Canin


Real truth


/ 03

Pet food company Royal Canin keep furry friends worldwide healthy.

But, with no guidelines in place, they were struggling to tame their online look and feel. They wanted to create a brand website that could work for all 52 markets.

Real connection


/ 03

They key was consistency. |

Design guidelines that were easy for every market, from Chile to Japan, to follow. So we redesigned Royal Canin’s website from the ground up. New type. New icons. New product pages. Even new accessibility features to ensure everyone could navigate the site smoothly. Creating a look and feel that was flexible for each market, but always distinctly Royal Canin.

Real results


/ 03

Number 1 ranked site for accessibility among hundreds of MARS-owned sites.

Continued to investigate, test, and improve to ensure best practice design was always upheld.


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