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SportsBroker On Tour

Harnessing the power of FOMO to keep users coming to the SportsBroker app.





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Real truth


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SportsBroker is a trading app that allows players to buy and sell virtual shares in some of the worlds biggest football teams.

But once the UK’s domestic season ended in May, there would be nothing to trade. Causing concern that customers would be lost. In response, SportsBroker expanded their offering into four new leagues, the MLS, Eliteserien, J1 League and K League 1. With customers having limited knowledge and interest in these leagues, how could we encourage them to trade?

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Real connection


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Our solution was SportsBroker On Tour.

A campaign that harnessed the power of FOMO, with SportsBroker visiting each new league for one week only. Throughout July 2022, those who toured and traded, received a ‘stamp’ in their SportsBroker passport. This entitled them to a free £5 bonus to use once the domestic season returned. Along with a distinctive look and feel for the campaign, we created content that spanned social, email, onsite and in-app. Covering match previews, top tips, expert commentary and daily share price movements. All designed to encourage customers to trade.

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Real results


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1,000,000+ impressions

Thousands of trades made

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